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toy story clouds (deluxe)

toy story clouds (deluxe)

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I wrote this album as an ode to my love story with my wife Gabbie. Each song representing a different chapter of our journey together.

a boy and a girl (that's us)

meet at dusk (one of our first dates was at a playground and we were only planning on hanging out there to swing on the swings for a bit but we ended up staying until around 3am. To this day it is one of our most fond memories we have.)

they fall in love. (we did)

new apartment (we moved into a new apartment together)

dreams come true. (after living at that apartment for around 9 months and my wife basically supporting me financially through that time, I was able to turn my music into a full time income. which has always been my biggest dream since childhood.)

toy story clouds (anytime there is puffy white clouds in the sky Gabbie calls them toy story clouds, and i think that's cute so yeah.)

fluttering hearts (i was so nervous when i proposed. i think we were both freaking out a bit)

first breath after coma. (this is the title of a song by explosions in the sky that we listened to together that night at the playground and also i played this song on my phone speaker as i was proposing to her)

this deluxe digital edition of toy story clouds contains the mp3s to all of the original tracks plus all of the slowed + reverbed versions. So 16 tracks in total with a total runtime of around 40 minutes.

Thank you so much for supporting the project. It truly means the world.

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