Oklahoma-based musician and label owner Austyn Moffat broke out in the lofi scene as coldbrew, a name that perfectly complements both his chill beats and his highly energized work ethic. Now, through his label Kindbrew, the prolific musician makes deliciously inventive instrumental beats that have found their way on to some of the music industry’s biggest playlists. Though he is known for his lofi what he is truly addicted to is making music that feels good regardless of genre. “A lot of music to me is magic,” he says. “Whatever energy it is that I’m putting into a song, comes through in a way that’s not explainable. The energy in the room is captured, and it comes through when the music is played.” Given his thirst for creativity and dedication to storytelling, Moffat seems to have plenty more magic up his sleeve.

For inquiries contact: coldbrewbeats@gmail.com